Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wanted - Antique Leverlock and Lever-release Folding Knives from Germany


Folding Knives from Germany - Antique - Vintage - Old - German Knives

I'm looking to buy antique German folding knives with a leverlock or a lever release.  I'm also looking for multi-blade camping and hunting knives (see pictures of examples below).
These come with a variety of tang stamps:  Waidmannsheil - Weidmannsheil - Kappler - Feist & Co. Lunawerk - Christians - Gräfrath - Lauterjung & Co. - Linder - Hammesfahr - Hoppe & Dienst - Herder - vom Cleff & Co. - Lion Cutlery - D. R. G. M. - Wingen - Othello - Alfa - G. Felix Gloriawerk (to mention a few stamps....). 

If you have any of these and plan to let them go, please send me an email.

I'm also looking for antique Jack knives.  

These are available with a variety of tang stamps:  Böntgen & Sabin's Patent - Bontgen & Sabin - B&S - Bleckmann Superior Cutlery - Criterion Quality - Korn's Patent - Edward Zinn (to mention a few stamps....).

If you have any of these and plan to let them go, please send me an email.

Shapleigh Hardware Co. - Folding Knife

Simmons Hardware Co., c1868-1960.

The Simmons Hardware company was founded about 1868 in St. Louis, Missouri.  In 1940, the Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis purchased the Simmons Hardware Company.  In 1960, the Shapleigh Company was sold and the Simmons and Shapleigh trademarks were discontinued.

This 2 6/8” Easy Open picked bone folding knife is stamped with the Shapleigh Hardware Co. stamp.

Valley Forge Cutlery Co. - Folding Knife

Valley Forge Cutlery Co., c1916-1950.

This company originates from 1892 with Edward Grafmueller as president.  In 1902, Boker USA owned the company.  In 1899 the company was located in Newark, New Jersey.  By 1916, the main offices had moved to New York City at the same address as the H. Boker & Company.

This old 3 3/8” bone folding knife is stamped “Valley Forge” over “Cutlery Co.” over ‘Newark. N.J.”

Argyle Cutlery Co. Germany - Mother-of-pearl Pen Knife

Argyle Cutlery Co., Germany, was an import cutlery company and not a cutlery maker. There is some information that Argyle Cutlery Co. was associated with Kastor and the Brown Brothers, and that the stamping was used between 1910 and 1930. 
This 2 3/8” mother-of-pearl pen folding knife is stamped “Argyle” over “Cutlery Co.” over “Germany”.

The Palmer Chicago razor

The Palmer Chicago razor is most likely from the Palmer House.  The Palmer House is one of the largest and most well-known historic hotels in Chicago, Illinois.  The lobby had a barber shop with a floor that was tiled with silver dollars.  Evidently, the Palmer House gave away razors to some of their preferred customers, and also sold them in their barber shop.  Most of the razors were made in Germany and stamped with the Palmer name, but some of their razors were also made in the U.S.  Most of their razors had celluloid or Catalin (a brand name for a thermosetting polymer popular in the 1930s) scales.

The Palmer House

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The 2013 BLADE Show

The 2013 BLADE Show - May 31 - June 2, 2013


Over 200 factory booths, thousands of products and nearly 700 tables!