Sunday, November 13, 2011

German Lever-Release Hunting Knife with Pinfire Cartridge Extractor

This is a German lever-release folding knife, likely from the early 1900s.  This hunter's knife has a corkscrew and a tang opening that functions as a pinfire shell extractor.  Once it also had shellpullers on the bottom bolster, but these have been removed. The basic design for this early lever-release model was patented in 1882 by Wilhelm Weltersbach (see my earlier post "Pocket Knives - German Patents").  See a more recent post for 3 examples of the same knife - German shellpuller hunting knives

1882 - W. Weltersbach: “Jagd-Schliefsmesser mit Patronenschlüssel und Patronenwringer”.  The lever-release design for this knife was patented by Wilhelm Weltersbach:  pivot pin and two sear holes, blade stop pin, lever, sear pin, and sear spring.  In these manual lever-release designs, the lever is used to release the blade in the open and closed position.  In the closed position, the tang opening on the opposite side of the blade stop pin functions as a pinfire shell extractor.  This design became very popular and was produced in a variety of knife models.  It is also the basic design (with some modifications) for the enormously popular Leverlock knife that still today is produced by the German company Hubertus.  

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